Take care of your investment daily! We’ve formulated a perfect blend of naturally derived ingredients; vegan based tan extender lotion that is suited for all skin types. It's DHA infused to extend your flawlessly glowing skin by up to 3 days! 

So what can you expect?  
+ A decadently silky lotion that dries fast   
+ Formulated with all-natural & plant-derived ingredients  
+ No greasy residue left behind  
+  No bronzers to ensure clean hands and clothes once applied  
+ Fun coconut scent  
+ Helps boost both professionally & self-applied tans  
+ Great for facial & body use on all skin types 


Shady Pro Tip 1: Use daily without a tan to use as a light gradual tanning lotion - build up that light glow anytime of the year.Shady Pro Tip 2: Great seller for those that have a favorite body wash and do not want to change. 

Full-size MSRP: $20
Travel Size MSRP: $12

Shady Afterglow (wholesale)

  • Apply 1-2 times a day after your intial shower. Let your lotion thoroughly dry for 8-10 minutes before you dress, giving your body enough time to absorb the benefits of the tan extender lotion. Color will being to develop in 2 hours. It is recommended to wait 8 hours or longer between applications. Wash your hands immediately with soap and water after application as there is DHA in our tan extender lotion.

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