For those DIY'ers!


We know your clients may not always have time for you to come over or to race to you, but they still crave that Shady Tan on the reg. Now they can have it all! Our very own blend of Shady they can take home with them- just like the tan you've all come to expect. 

So what can you expect?

  + Light weight, fast acting aerosol tan

  + Coco brown bronzers instantly provide a streak-free tan

  + Safe for face and body

  + No need for multiple products- layer on to get darker

  + Easy to use, just spray like hair spray

  + Great seller for spray tan touch-ups (especially for

      vacations with pools/oceans)

  + Full tan develops over time, shower time is 6-8 hours


Shady PRO Tip 1: 1 coat looks great on pretty much everyone, but 2-3 coats is usually best for medium to darker skin tones.

Shady PRO Tip 2: Sell with the Shady Tanning Mitt to save hands and ensure a more natural look.
Shady PRO Tip 3: Tan with our Can in the shower to make overspray clean up a breeze.

MSRP: $35.00

Shady Tan Can (wholesale)

  • Hold the applicator 5-6 inches away from your skin and evenly mist your desired area or full body. Blend with tanning mitt any uneven areas if needed. Now that you have even coverage, make sure your skin is dry before getting dressed. Avoid contact with water, showering, or perspiring for 8-12 hours for a beautiful Shady Tan. You may see a small amount of color in water when showering the first time, but your tan will remain (this is just the bronzer and any extra solution your skin couldn't absorb).


    *SHADY TIP: Want to go darker? Shady Tan can be used in layers to achieve your desired color. Let each application dry for a bit between layers. 

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