Are you ready to become Shady?

Everyone's skin is different, which means your Shady Tan might not look the same as your friend's- yes, even if you use the same solution! Best way to predict results is to know what category your skin falls into- this will help your Personal Tanner and you set realistic expectations for your tanning experience. 


                        - Amanda

So it's your first time, huh?

Not sure what to expect when getting a Shady Sun spray tan? Here are our main questions answered for you by other first-timers. 


When to Book

Most clients have ideal results when they book 1-3 days before their event. Keep in mind, the Day 1 of your tan begins 24 hours after your treatment session. Our tans typically last 5-7 days on average, with many clients keeping results for closer to 10-14 with proper prep and aftercare.

If you have to book same day, rapid is the way to go!


What to Wear

This is completely up to you, if you are a Shady Lady. Spray tans are not like laying out at the beach or hopping into a UV bed, whatever you leave on your skin will produce a very crisp and prominent tan line that will remain for the life of your sunless tan. Shady Gents are required to wear bottoms. We also may be able to provide disposable thongs (with a request prior to your treatment session). After the session, clothing that is loose and baggy is always best!

We've seen it all & tanned it all, so just be comfortable!


Color Selection

Have in mind what your tanning goals are before your Personal Tanner arrives. Have a favorite celebrity? A great picture of you from last summer? Or just a verbal idea? Great! Let us know. We will then have a personalized color consultation with you to determine how best to achieve your desired look.

See below for our helpful skin chart!


Nails & Hair

Get your nails did at least 24 hours in advance! This is the easiest method to ensure natural-looking results. We have special methods for protecting them, so no worries. All waxing (48 hours) and shaving (24 hours) should also be done before your treatment. Head hair will also be protected and our solutions are not designed to stain hair. 

Remember: nails & hair before tan.

For even more info, see our FAQ page!

The Shady Tanning Experience

Getting Ready

Shave your legs and any other areas of your body the day before. Shaving is a form of exfoliating and when done after the tan can cause an unflattering spotty look. This will be hard, but make sure to avoid perfume, deodorant, oil-based lotions or soap, and make-up on the day you have your tan- we need a fresh, bare canvas. Using a grainy scrub is best- check out our Shady Polish for best tanning results.


Tip: For best results, make sure to keep skin moisturized days prior to appointment and prep the evening before your session.

Becoming Shady

Your Personal Tanner will help you prep for your session- applying lotion to specific areas, covering hair, etc. If you have any sensitive skin conditions, please notify your personal tanner before the spray tanning application. 


Tip: For richer color, we recommend scheduling your appointment in the evening, waiting until the next morning to shower gives the skin more than enough time to evenly absorb the solution.

The Shady Life

Please try your best not to touch your sunless tan with your hands, prior to your first water rinse. The active ingredient may transfer color to your palms. If this should happen, gently rinse the palm of your hand with the lukewarm water to remove any undesired color. Wait 6-8 hours before showering, swimming or doing vigorous activities where you could be prone to sweating. For best results, we recommend sleeping in your airbrush solution if you tan at night. After your shower, gently pat dry. Do NOT exfoliate or rub your skin with a towel. Now's the fun part- show off your gorgeous glowing skin. Welcome to a Shady summer, any month of the year!


Tip: Be sure to keep skin moisturized, for best results we recommend Shady Afterglow twice a day.