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Tanning for the Holidays

Have you seen the fashion look books for this holiday season yet? Open shoulders, bare backs, sexy leg splits, naked arms and plunging necklines are all in demand. So make sure your number one accessory, your skin, is up to par for all the holiday party hopping this year.


Here's one of our favorites from Desi Perkins.


The Shady Sun Tanning Co. wants you to look and feel your best especially during this holiday season! Not sure when to book? We always suggest booking in advance. We usually recommend scheduling anywhere from 1-3 days before your event, allowing all bronzers to be washed off before slipping into something a little sexy. Because, let's face it- who doesn't look better tan?

Need more of a reason for the season? Here are 3 reasons to book your next Shady Tan.....

1. Confidence: Your look is never fully complete without good glow! Sounds silly, but sometimes all you need is a little color to boost your holiday spirits before a big event.

2. Skin Care: Winter time is tough on skin. It becomes dryer, looks duller and can even be uncomfortable. Our hydrating, aloe-based and anti-aging sunless tans leave you with hydrated, soft, supple skin..and that's always in.

3. Pictures: You know those aren't going anywhere, but Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Vine, make them spectacular! Airbrush tanning hides common imperfections, helps you look slimmer and more defined, and evens out tone to make you photo ready any time!

Did you know we offer package deals and gift cards? What a great way to give the ultimate gift of luxury- an in home personal spray tan...or just grabbing a little treat for yourself!

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