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Salon Results at Home

Love your sun-kissed skin regardless of whether it is winter or summer, trust us- we get it! Don't worry about waiting until summer to re-up anymore. Especially with our self-tanners getting a bronzed look is now effective and on demand!

But learning how to apply a self-tan can be a bit intimidating because we all know it's the key to avoiding streaks. So we complied some of our Shady self-tan tips to help you #getshady flawlessly every time.

+ Let's start at the beginning- exfoliate! This helps to remove the dead skin cells from the surface of your skin, including dry and uneven patches, leaving a clean even canvas. These dry, dead patches can over-absorb the tan resulting in an uneven look. Use a dry, coarse scrub, like Sweetened Coffee or Ocean Citrus, and rub the more dry areas like the elbows, knees, wrists and ankles. This is an essential step!

+ An important part of faux tanning is choosing the right Shade for your skin. With either Shady Foam or the Shady Tan Can you can layer on to get darker results. Always choose a shade which matches the color you would naturally be in the summer sun.

+ We love tanning before bed. Since you can't get wet for 8+ hours, sleeping in your tan is a safe way to avoid catastrophe. Also, the body tends to get naturally hot at night, which then aids in darkening the tan because there is more oxygen closer to the surface of the skin. Don’t forget to wear a dark, long PJ's and use old bed sheets just in case.

+ Avoid giving away your fake tan by applying oil-based lotion on the nails and around the nail bed to prevent the solution from being trapped there.

+ Apply a little moisturizer, like Shady Afterglow, on your wrists, ankles, elbows and hairline and with the help of a tanning mitt, blend the color into it. This will create a natural looking tan line and avoid unnatural dark areas.

+ Use a tanning mitt so that your palms do not get tanned. Have trouble with it sliding around? Secure with a hair tie around your wrist.

+ Apply your tan by systematically working from the bottom up. Start from the ankles working your way up your legs and then move up the body. Working towards your heart helps improve circulation.

+ Apply the tanning solution mixed with lotion on the hands and feet in the end will help blend color and ensure natural results.

+ When finished, use a baby wipe to wash your palms just in case. Clean the nails, top and underneath, in case any color was trapped.

+ The next morning- whether you wake up at 4am or 11am- shower. Rinse off all the bronzers and then pat dry when finished. Applying a moisturizer, like Shady Afterglow, everyday will also help your tan lasts longer.

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