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Handling Your Skin with Mittens

When it comes to removing a tan, it’s important to do so in the safest way possible. There are lots of different methods available on the internet for sure, however some are much better than others and it can be difficult to know which ones to choose. Refreshing your skin before a tan is the most important rule to ensuring your next tan is as flawless as your first.

Below are our top 3 methods for removing sunless tans:

#1: Shady Removal Mitt This is an incredibly effective way to not only fix tanning error, but to also remove any leftover spray tan! Sure you've seen gloves in the drug store, but the difference with a high-quality mitt is its ability to easily remove any leftover spray tan and dead skin. Our double-sided exfoliating mitt is designed to remove old tan or blend away tanning errors, this is a tanning accessory that every sunless tanner should own. It is simple to use and 100% chemical-free- making it great for those with sensitive skin, simply wet with a little water and get scrubbing. We know there are lots of different mitts available on the market, just know it’s important to choose a high-quality mitt if you would like it to work well. Whether you’re looking for something to prep with or you need to remove a fake tan error, this mitt is perfect!

#2: Lemon Juice + Baking Soda

No Harsh exfoliation, no chemicals and gentle on the skin, this concoction gently removes the tan's pigment from the surface of your skin without all the harsh scrubbing or the use of chemicals. Mix the 2 together into a paste/scrub and rub in circular motions. Due to the nature of these products this method is best for fixing tanning mistakes and color transfer, like wrists, ankles, or armpits.

#3: Body Scrubs + Baby Oil

Last but not least- mainly because #2 is really more for mistakes and color transfer- we have a mixture of moisture and abrasion. This 1-2-punch is a great choice as it caters for both pre-tan and the removal of tanning products. The multiple benefit comes from the oil soaking into the skin to open pores, soften and moisturize. Then the scrubs, like Shady Polish, massage the skin to remove the dead skin cells with the old tan, rejuvenating the skin, improving circulation and breaking down cellulite deposits. Scrubbing after the oil application also helps remove any additional residue that could block your next sunless application. We suggest this method when you want a real spa experience.

So you can see which is the easiest, right? Now you understand our love for exfoliating mitts!

Pick up a Shady Removal Mitt today and you’ll find tan breakup easier than you could ever imagine!

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